Innovative ecolabel inspiring sustainable consumption

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The Miljönär ecolabel, unique in Europe to promote reuse and repair.

At the beginning of 2015, Avfall Sverige, Sweden’s waste management and recycling organisation, has launched the Miljönär label. This ecolabel unique in Europe will promote reuse and repair in line with European and Swedish environmental objectives. This campaign aims at extending product life in order to reduce waste. "The motto we chose, ”Miljönär-vänlig ("miljönär" is a play on the words "environment" and "millionaire") – Get rich by making, borrowing and recycling" conveys the message that you can save the environment as well as money by being eco-friendly," explains Anna-Carin Gripwall, head of communication of Avfall Sverige.

Avfall Sverige hopes that 70% of Swedish municipalities will be participating in the scheme within two years. The first phase of the project will be raising awareness among businesses. The label will be awarded to businesses, such as shoe repair or second-hand shops, which re-use products by giving them a second life instead of selling new products.

Swedes are good at collecting and recycling waste, the amount of waste generated in the first place is still important for Anna-Carin Gripwall. This label will encourage businesses to market themselves as working towards sharing, repairing and reusing. These businesses will give consumers the opportunity to save money by reducing waste while saving natural resources and the environment.

More information: http://miljönä