Expert Group

External Reference Group (ERG)


To be able to reach its goals WASTECOSMART involves highly experienced and respected experts from the waste sector and resource efficiency fields in form of an External Reference Group (ERG).


Its objective is to provide oversight and expert advice to the project team providing inputs, advice or assessment for the project work in relation to their competences and capabilities.


The role of the ERG (as an independent body) is to validate the project direction, risks and outcomes and to provide the project with relevant feedback.


Members of ERG


Palma Urso (ATO-R Torino, Italy)

Barbara Martina Paola Tessitore (Municipality of Collegno, Italy)

Pierluigi Bacchiega (ASP Energrid, Italy)

Raffaele Carlone (ACSEL, Italy)

Valentina Fanelli (LEGANCE, Italy)

Andrea Galparoli (AMIAT, Italy)

Lorenzo Destefanis (CIDIU Servizi, Italy)

Claudio Mauro (CIDIU Servizi, Italy)

Giovanni Demarco (CIDIU Servizi, Italy)

Francesco Casciano (CIDIU Servizi, Italy)

Enrico Iannone (COVAR 14)

Nicola Pace (WEEW, Italy)

Lucia DI Sarli (WEEW, Italy)

Marany Orlando (CADOS, Italy)

Riccardo Ghidella (Fenice, Italy)

Catarina Östlund (Swedish EPA)


ERG meetings


The first ERG meeting took place on 4 March 2014 in Torino, Italy.


Regular online meetings will be organized as well to support the project development. 


New ERG members


Are you interested to get involved with WASTECOSMART? Please contact Anna Sager, the Project Coordinator.